Tuesday, December 1, 2009

You really shouldn't postpone things like this!

So a couple of months ago over the summer I lost my keys and dont have a spare so my dad had to take me work, it was the big ordeal when really if I would have just remembered I put them in my sweatshirt pocket I would have been fine!! Anyway I went to get a new one and they can only copy it so I have one to unlock the car not to start the car bc I have to get one from the dealership. They said it would cost 104.50 so I said NO thank you! As much as I need one I'll wait a little bit. Well that bit me right in the ass! I was at Cabela's on Saturday and accidentally locked my keys IN THE TRUNK! So I had to make one million phone calls and the police wouldnt come out to unlock the car so they had to call a tow service to come and get me back into my car!!! I looked like the stereotypical femal driver and I was so embarassed! Fortunately the guy wasn't like super creepy or anything but still! He came and unlocked it, I got my keys from the trunk and went on my way. $50 later that is! Oh well i knew better and didn't do anything about it when I was going to get the sopare key over the summer so it's entriely my fault! But my dad asked me what I want for Christmas and I said a spare key!!! I should really get like 5 made!!! That would be my best bet!!! Good thing I can sit here and laugh about the whole thing!!!