Thursday, September 24, 2009

I should have been in bed 2 hours ago!

Tonight I was supposed to go to a party with 2 good friends and I went for a little but I have to work tomorrow morning so nothing eventful happened. I left after an hour or so because I was meeting my boyfriend(he and one of our best friends went off roading). First of all I had to climb over like a 10 foot fence and even though we are allowed to be there I still felt like a criminal. It was kind of exhilerating! I was looking forward to offroading because I've never really taken part in it. Believe me, don't hold your breath about it. I think that unless your the one driving it is NO fun! Like I'm all for getting dirty and what not but sitting and passengering is not really all its cracked up to be! Oh well. If you've never tried it I would say go for it just don't get your hopes up too high! Unless your boyfriend lets you drive (HA) then it might get interesting!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Working before school..not always the best idea!

So I work at a bank near my house and I really do love working there. During school though, not so much all the time. If I don't work in the morning before class I work in the afternoon after class so I get a little tired of one thing after the next. Today was no good. I normally get done tues/thurs by 11 and then have plenty of time to get changed, leave work and be here a little before class starts so I'm not late. (I'm paranoid about being late for anything) I was getting ready to leave when a customer came to me so I decided that it wouldn't be a big deal if I helped them. Well, helping them turned into a 25 minute ordeal and I didn't end up leaving until 20 after. It takes at least 20 minutes to get from work to school(today i made it in 14 though!) and then I stil hadn't gotten changed. I decided to screw getting changed I would rather come to class in heels than look like an ass walking in late. So I power walked to class, only to remember we are in a different building, and then had to get to the next building on time. I was panicking BIG TIME thinking I was going to be late but when I ran into someone they said we were actually early. Oh well it's better that way I was just slightly annoyed! I just need to not be so nie and get my butt out of work on time so I'm not rushing all day long.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Multitasking at it's best :D

As of today, having only one class thus far, I have realized I have a SHITLOAD of homework and stuff to do and literally like 2 hours tonight to do it unless I become nocturnal. Seeing as I don't like to go to bed any later than like 11 if I have to get up early, which is everday but Sunday, I'm doing some of it now. I feel like as long as I take the time to do each thing correctly it's ok if I do them 2 at a time. For example, when I needed a break from the assignment about writing essays I started this blog. Then I got a phonecall and forgot I was blogging and needed to mapquest directions to a house where I will start babysitting tonight and I have never been there. So then once I got the directions I started my math homework still forgetting about the blog and when I got to a problem that needed more time than I wanted to put into it I remembered about the blog and am now comtinuing it. As of now that's how my life has been for the past couple of weeks. I haven't been able to just sit down and start something AND finish it in the same sitting. Sometimes that doesn't bother me but most times it does. I like to have the feeling of accomplishment when I complete something but I don't really feel that doing everything at once with random, but needed breaks inbetween. My boyfriend got made at me last night because I was annoyed with him. His parent went away on vacation and we are staying at the house. So of course while he's sitting on facebook, Iim trying to do my homework, study for a test, empty then fill the dishwasher, feed the fish, switch the wash and then fold and put it away and try to figure out how to keep my sanity without freaking out at him. I feel unbelievably 0verwhelemd right now, anyone have any good ideas as to NOT feel this way all semester?!

Thursday, September 10, 2009


HAH! So I'm trying to do this,(this being post a blog), and I have no idea how to or if this will even work but I'm trying anyway! Perserverance is key, right?! That's what I keep trying to tell myself anyway, but I thought I would share a story with veryone becasue it amused me. I was in my computer class the other day and all of a sudden the guy in front of me asked me if I had a boyfriend. I have no idea who this kid is or even know jhis name but I told him yes, that I did. Instead of getting the response I expectee, he says to me,"How does he not hate you, you haven't stopped talking since you sat down. I'm surprised your with someone!" my first thought was to punch this guy because i thought it was a little bit rude! After the intital shock, however, I just kind of played along with it. We kind of argued playfully back and forth so it didn't end up being a big deal but for the life of me I couldn't figure out where you could buy a set that big to actually say something like that to someone you don't even know. I would never in a million years say that to anyone unless I knew them personally! I don't know, maybe that's just me and who I am but it caught me way off gaurd. Anyway,I personally don't think I talk alot but if I do just let me know. I can't shock me as much as this kid did!