Wednesday, November 18, 2009


things have been a little overwhelming recently so it's been awhile but here I am. I don't really have much to say but since my parents split up a year or so ago I haven't really seen my mom in a while so I've been trying to spend more time with her. She powerlifts so i'm trying to go to the gym with her! Not to get like get big to be able to life alot but just to get in better shape. i used to go to the gym everyday at Kutztown but since I'm home i got in the habit of not going and I really want to change it! I'm trying to change alot of things in my life right now so hopefully it will all work out! i'm recently single and trying to enjoy the time I have bby myself and trust me it's now ALOT of time to myself lol but I'm doing pretty ok with it! I've been hanging out with old friends and spending time with newer ones so it'll be ok! And I also have more time to get homework sdone bc if I don't do it right away I have a tendency to forget about it completely so that's good! And I successfully sacheduled my classes! that was a NIGHTMARE! I wasn't positive how to do it and I thought i did it but then when I went to look it turns out I didn't so I went to the registrar's office and the nice lady there did it for me :) so i was glad to have that over with!!! But if I don;t leave now I'm gonna be late for class and seeing as I'm already skipping one today I propbably should at least be one time for the one I'm going to!!

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  1. Power lifting seems like a fun pastime. My sister's husband spend plenty of time at the gym and I wish I did myself. Registering is a nightmare that I am putting off, right now I just want to get through my current classes before i worry about any new ones.