Thursday, November 19, 2009

This English Paper...

I totally had the worst time trying to focus to write this last essay! I'm starting to get into a routine again to get everything done and THEN do my own thing but it's been hard. Jessi I FINALLY finished the Time Travelers Wife!!!!!!!! It took me just about forever but that was one of the things I kept getting distracted with! i was so close to finishing it I couldn't put it down for the last couple of days. I don;t know what I;m going to read next though! I have a huge pile of books to choose from but I think it'll end up being All Quiet on the Western Front becaus I have to write a paper on it for my history class. The paper shouldn;t be too bad because it just asks for the relevance to WWI so I'll read it and then write it and beofre Thanksgiving break is over I'll have to book and the paper dnoe! At least that's my plan! I'll have caught up on all of my homework and be able to relax! That's my goal. It also feels good not to have to babysit Tues and Thurs for the next 2 weeks! The family in Doylestown I babysit for has 4 kids and they are spoiled rotten! BUT they left for California this morning and they will be there until the Monday after Thanksgiving. So even though I really need the money, it'll be good get away and not have to do that for a little. I'll be wayyy less stressed! But Thanksgiving dinner is on me so that doesn't really help!!!


  1. Yea the kids around here are spoiled rotten. When I was kicking a group of them out of the mall one of them like, "you're just upset because you only 15$ an hour." if only. yea they have no concept of money.