Sunday, October 18, 2009

So it snowed too hard for us to go to the Penn State game this weekend and we were really looking forward to it! It was their homecoming and they ahve a big parade and such but instead we sat in the warm house in front of the fire place with my boyfriends family and a couple of their friends and my dad came too. It ended up being a good time but still, I was disappointed that we couldnt go! Oh well maybe the next one. But right now we are watching a show called rehab and its about a big pool party in vegas and it looks like it would be alot of fun! its actually about the workers and what not but it looks like fun! I want to go somewhere fun like that!!


  1. unfortunate for you :( but i must say im stoked to hear it's already snowing

  2. i was in the mountains this past weekend with my boyfriend, and it snowed there too! Even though it was nasty out, I was still happy to see the snow : ) sorry about the game, that would have been fun!